Unwed Mother

For the past 11 years, I and luckily my mom and dad have helped me fight for my now 14-year old son.

The father is physically, mentally, verbally and has all the symptoms of sociopathy (as does his mother) and NPD.

My son's “father” has hit him, punched him, screamed at him, hit me (and admitted it to therapist) but that never mattered; calls us names and has caused so much depression and anxiety that this Christmas Eve my son said he has been talking to his friend about suicide because he feels it is only way to get away from his dad. I contacted my son's therapist and my attorney but opposing counsel went to our single mother hating judge on his last day of retirement and since this this judge made multiple comments during last trial that he “hated” my son, had a closed door meeting without my attorney even being notified and signed holiday order giving the “father” Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day (plus he had Thanksgiving as well) and the 11 days of Christmas Break…My job gives us Admin Days off from Christmas Eve until Jan 2nd. The “father” is a an architect and owns a beer distributorship, yet doesn't pay child support but demands Will's time.

My child is an incredible gymnast, attends a prep school with a B average, started a Tumbling Club (this Freshman Year), made the varsity cheer team and is a member of the acro team at the local college. His “father” does not support any of this and tries to make my son feel like dirt for these choices. This is his hope for college and cannot wait to never see his “father” again.

Meanwhile, I am not allowed to speak with my son privately. I have had the worst Christmas and move to 2018…my son has given up and cannot understand why he has been taught not to lie but his “father” and that “family” tells everyone my son is a liar and mentally disturbed. I did not even get to speak with my son today…when the police were called and went to “father's parents home”, they told the police they were allowed to monitor and record my 14 year old's conversations, which is a complete lie per TCA 36-6-106. Not only that but I have had sole custody, paying all bills, carrying all insurance and I escaped.
Father now wants sole custody and pay no child support 14 years later. He punches, bullies and screams at my son then tells everyone is a liar, especially my son.
My job, since 2014, gives us the week after Christmas off and ever since 2014, my son and I have had that week to be together, have fun, travel…but this year, I was given 2.5 days with my son and it was done unethically and illegally and as a means to hurt me and my son.
Sorry, this is so long but this is just tip of the iceberg after 11 years and NO marriage. Our court and legal system is corrupt and care NOTHING about our kids.

I want to help. I want to raise my voice and let my son tell his story too. The laws need to be changed and all attorneys, judges and courts should be held accountable for their actions.

Submitted by: Lisa

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