Domestic Violence Statistics – March Giveaway

My close personal friend, Christine, approached me this past weekend with an incredibly generous idea. The idea involved having a monthly giveaway where we award one lucky reader with a piece of jewelry that symbolizes our fight against Domestic Violence.

A little background on Christine…

Christine hand-makes unique one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry of all shapes and sizes for men and women. She has a line of jewelry for special causes (i.e. Domestic Violence), where all proceeds are donated to it’s respective organizations. Currently, she is working on having a site built to showcase her art. We’ll keep you posted as to when her site goes live.

OK, so back to the giveaway. Our idea is to have one prize/winner each and every month. This month we will start as of now and end on the 31st of March.

Here is the special piece we are giving away this month:

Domestic Violence Statistics - March Giveaway

Description: Purple glass bead bracelet w/ sterling silver and cubic zirconia wishbone.

The rules are simple:

  1. “Like” this post by clicking the  Like this post on Domestic Violence Statistics button below
  2. Leave a comment for this March Giveaway post, expressing how you feel about Domestic Violence (also letting me know you “liked” the post on Facebook)

*Bonus* If you’d like an additional chance to win, share our site link on your Facebook wall (and show proof)

That’s it!

Good luck to all participants. We hope this will help get the word out about our mission. END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

*UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to pick our winner on time. Now that everything is back on schedule, we are pleased to announce that Jennifer Michelle is the winner for our March Giveaway!

**UPDATE 2: Christine was kind enough to donate a 2nd bracelet to this month’s giveaway. Our lucky #2 winner is Deborah.

Winners will be contacted either by e-mail and/or Facebook. Thanks to everyone that participated and get ready for April’s Giveaway coming up in a few days!


  1. Paige Vickers says:

    I came across your website when I was doing research for DV support group that I do three times a week. I am looking for stories and sites for the ladies to use and read so that they know they are not alone. I would also love for Christine to contact me about having some bracelets made for the ladies attending group.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Paige, thank you for visiting the site. It’s good to hear that you found another resource for your group.

    I will make sure to pass the message regarding the bracelets along to Christine.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  3. I am the producer of an Internet radio show where we promote self-esteem in women. We have an upcoming show on Domestic Violence. We would like to help you get the word out. Please call me at ***edited for privacy***, I would so like to talk to you in detail about the outstanding work you are doing! Glory to God!

    As a child I grew up in a home where domestic abuse was the mainstay. What a blessing you are providing answers and information!

  4. Stephanie Gibson says:

    Hi I am a BSW student at Governors State University, I came across your website while doing research on demestic Violence. I am passionate about educating young teens in my community and neighboring on domestic abuse amongst young teens and their relation. Right now i am currently educating groups of young girls and boys on domestic violence. I was looking to purchase some bracelets for the young youths. I enjoy being a voice for our young adults as far as ending the silence and stoping domestic violence. To do this I know that, I most first educate the parents in the community as well because at home is where many of our young men and women learn how to commit this act. It is my purpose in life to help end the silence and to end this deadly cycle on domestic violence’

    Thank you,
    Stephanie future and present advocate against domestic violence

  5. Hello, I came across this website trying to make sense of my situation. I am a 20 year survivor of domestic violence and I have left my abuser 1 1/2 years ago. I thought that would start the healing process, but it hasn’t. I have suffered and protected him for so long, that I am angry for allowing someone to have so much control over me.
    I am getting better….one day at a time, and looking forward to using this as my forum to stop the next victim for having to suffer, from someone who claims they love them.

    Thank You!

  6. sandi barbie says:

    as a former victim of domestic violence, It turns my stomach watching people “Take-It”. I am enrolled in college to get my degree to be able to help people who are wanting help, and to find a way to survive.

  7. To all who are suffering domestic violence. I can only tell you that now is the time. The time to stop feeling the fear under your skin at every moment, I know exactly how it feels. The not knowing what to do or how to escape from the hell you and your loved ones are living. I know that it seems almost impossible that one day you can be free, but God is with you at all times. please talk to God and ask him for the strength you need to free your self and your loved ones. It is very easy to think that the abuser will change some day. He will change, but not for good, he will only get worse. In my case, it took many, many nights crying without anyone even hearing me. I desperately asked God and my Virgen of Guadalupe to help me and to forgive me for permitting the abuse to my children. As a mother everything was alright as long as the abuse was only done to me. I finally had the courage to escape with my children and as soon as i did this. God send me his first angel to help us when our car broke down, only 13 miles away from our abuser. After that he just kept on sending them to watch over us. All is possible with Gods help, just have faith. He really listens!!!! His angels will watch over you and your family until you feel strong enough. Strong enough to be free. Free to think, smile, speak, wear, come and go where ever you want. But the most important is to be free to be a mother,sister,daughter,cousin. Once you are free you will be reunited with the rest of your family. As for me and my family were are doing well, we are happy now. We have been for the last 4 years. Wow it feels so good to not be fearful anymore. Please get help and try to be free, try it until you succeed. To all those who are still in the shadows of fear, God bless you!!!!

  8. hi im danielle and i am in a DV situation right now and i have intered a program that only help u for 29 days dont get me wrong its a good program and i like it alot but 9 days isnt enough to find a new place to live i live in washington dc and i see that dv is’nt 1st priority to them i have a child and after my 29 days r up we are goin to b homeless and im basicly tryin to get my voice heard because its sad that me and my son dont have a place to live tryin to get away from a abusive situation this is sad and im lost dont kno what to do imma b sleepin outside with my son because of a situation that i couldnt control and i cant get no type of help because we are not being treated like 1st priority

  9. out of all 4 of my ex husbands i have been throw the abues and know i work with others dealing with these problems i am out for the men, women, childern daeling with this growing problem in the world take a stand against domestic violence

  10. I am a survivor of domestic violence. My husband just got out of prison after serving four months of a 18 month sentence. I cant afford to get divorced and I wonder if he will ever find me. I cant count on the system to help me but I wont quit fighting. Fighting is why I am still alive. I fought my way out, barely. One day I will get my divorce and until then I am just glad my daughter Katy has her mama. Me..

    Liked on facebook

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