Domestic Violence

Just saw this very powerful video on YouTube. I thought I would share it with everyone.


  1. I am in the process of getting a divorce. I left my husband back in 2009 for our safety. My husband is drug and alcohol addicted. When I contacted a lawyer I was told i did not have enough information to protect my son and I. I was forces to return to the relationship to gather information “evidence” I spent two years gathering information to the point my 5 year old said to me “mom tell daddy to leaving i don’t want to live with him anymore” now that I am trying to keep us safe I was just told my husband doesn’t need supervised visitation. Two weeks in a row my son came home hurt once with a knot on his head and yesterday my son on A four wheeler at 5 without proper protection nor knowing how to steer.
    He could have been hurt and had a bruise on his chest.

    I am told that the evidence I have is not enough. That just because we ha to sleep in hotels move out. Or that he broke the window in my car while we were trying to leave. I was told that no one seen him break my window. It was late at night and my son and I had glass all over us. Also, being told you never called the police enough. I responded with when you call the next day you are beat up. The kicker to this all is leaving you need evidence so you have to stay. Why Are we not protected? How do we stop a future of children doing what they see? Why do people do jail time for harm to animals and no one does jail time to victims of abuse.

    We need to united and fight till our children are safe!

  2. Concerned and Abused, says:

    I am sorry that this happend to you. Move to Cumming, GA and you don’t have to have any “real” evidence of domestic abuse. All you have to do is say it happened. I am a man who has suffered at the hands of a woman who abused me physically and verbally (mostly verbally) and then abused the system when I left her because of her violence. She just flat-out lied about me and I was thrown in jail. Now I am awaiting a possible trial. Again, I am sorry for your situation and if your husband did that to you then he should be shot. But, the abuse goes both ways more than many good women like you realize. Thank you for your time and I wish you well.
    Concerned and abused

  3. All my life ive had to see a women getting beat by a man, my mother, grandmother, aunt cousins and friends. Ive never experience this myself i was always the one tryin to protect the victim. Know as i grow and understand that domestic voilence is also verbal and mential i now see that i have been a victim and i still am today i remember thinking to myself as i help my aunt hide away from her abuser at the young age of 7 that i will never let a men hit me or treat me any kind of way. I have seen way to much in my little time hread so many horrirer stroies and so on. Its real hard to see the abuse unless it hits you in the face. In the so called relationship im in now I see that it can get wroste than again i think when things happen am i just over thinking it like i need something big to happen to see that this man is really abusing me mentally. He could get mad at the smallest thing and go on a rampage and dont let me say im ending the relatoinship he has and will say he is going to kill his self. I think im sraced of what he will do if i was to tell him that different thing have happen that tells me that he is crazy. I think that these men really need to get help and learn to understand that you cant keep a women if she doesnt want you anymore instead of protection orders they need to get mental help because they are sick.

  4. My name is Angela and I have just read your thoughts on what you all are going through. I work for a battered womans shelter and there is HELP. I am a survivor of domestic violence and now my passion is to help other people who are going through a situation that might be similar to mine. We do not judge, you don’t have to have proof and we have a 24 hr hotline. The abusers goal is to make it seem like there is no way out, that you have no one to turn to and nowhere to go but there are shelters in almost every town and city and if there isn’t the volunteers will find a way to get you to the nearest one. For ANYBODY man or woman who is in a situation like this make the decision to call at 1-877-332-2754 Please I urge ALL GET AWAY and break the cycle!

  5. I am a survivor of domestic violence myself. The system does not protect us. I am in the process of writing a book about my life and the abuse that I have suffered at the hands of my family, ex husband and then then abuse I suffered at the hands of my son’s father. I would like to use stores from other survivors. No names will be used unless given writen permission. My email address is [email protected]. It is time for change.

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